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Frequently Asked Questions

  • + Are Tear Trough Fillers safe?

    Injecting dermal fillers is a relatively safe procedure with less serious side-effects than surgical methodologies. At Juvea, we use reliable dermal fillers that contain a natural compound called hyaluronic acid, which is already present within the body in connective tissues. Additionally, our medical professionals are highly experienced with years of practice within the cosmetic industry. We believe that using premium dermal fillers and expert professionals; we reduce any severe risks.

  • + How long do results last?

    Our hyaluronic fillers last roughly six to twelve months, but they can last even longer. We may recommend re-treatment if the hollowness returns after a few months.

  • + Am I eligible?

    If you have a good general health, you would be eligible except if your pregnant. However, we explain the eligibility process with greater depth at your consultation.

  • + Which dermal filler last the longest?

    The length of dermal fillers depends on a variety of factors: density of the filler, injection area and the patient’s metabolism. Our dermal fillers are semi-permanent as we use a natural compound called hyaluronic acid, which is metabolised in your body. However, natural dermal fillers are safer than permanent dermal fillers as they can cause rashes, swelling, itching or bruising.

  • + How soon will I notice the results?

    You should be able to notice the results immediately after the dermal filler injections.

  • + Who is best suited for the treatment?

    Frequently, we notice the best results with clients who are younger than the age of 60. Above this age, the immediate results are limited due to the effects of reduced elasticity of the skin.

Trustpilot Reviews

A gym friend recommended Juvea when I told her I was interested in getting one of my tattoos removed.

Meghan Shirley

I don’t usually leave reviews of any sort, however on this occasion I will make an exception and the...


I was invited to be a hair laser model from a close friend who recommended Juvea.

Molly Maitland
Google Place Reviews
I would highly recommend Juvea

I have been really please with my treatment. Staff are very friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend Juvea to anyone who is interested in having Laser Hair removal!!

Annie Smith
I couldn't be more pleased with the service

Couldn't be more pleased with the service given...they was kind, professional and above all good at what they do, I definitely will be recommending.

D Kelly
Best treatments in London

Best treatments in London :) such a great place to have all the procedures offered done. Staff is very friendly and carrying, really nice to come back anytime.

Michaela K
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