ThreeForMeTM Icon Laser Treatment

ThreeformeTM is an ICON laser treatment for dull, tired skin. Harnessing advanced laser technologies, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) works like a photo flash penetrating deeper skin layers. Beneficial for three skin concerns: sun damage, skin pigmentation and superficial veins.

Clinically proven, threeformeTM works in two simple steps:


Step 1: Target Damaged Skin

IPL is used to aid with skin pigmentation as presented as an uneven skin tone or abnormal brown spots. UV rays can affect collagen and youthfulness of your skin. For example, patients with rosacea present with blotchy red skin and more superficial blood vessels.


Step 2: Wrinkles 

Next, we target your skin imperfections by generating more collagen and elastin. Fine lines and wrinkles form as we age since we lose natural youthfulness. As IPL is a safe, clinically approved method, it aids with facial rejuvenation and targets surface imperfections.


Treatable Skin Conditions

With threeformeTM we can treat a variety of conditions such as rosacea, wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and sunspots.

Rosacea: is a long-term skin condition that results in blotchiness, swelling and the dilation of blood vessels. Although the exact cause is unknown, several factors such as sunburn, stress, anxiety and weather environments can increase a patient’s risk. These tend to present as zones of blotchiness – with varying degrees of severity.


Wrinkles: From fine lines to deep wrinkles, anyone can get them, even people as young as their thirties. Not having a good skin regime can cause you to develop static and dynamic lines. Static wrinkles are first to form as the skin loses its natural elasticity; next, dynamic wrinkles develop over repeated muscle activation.


Acne Scarring: If you were prone to acne as a teenager, then you may have some pitted marks on your skin. If you have redness, blackheads, or pitted skin – then the ICON laser can tailor treatment for your skin type. Laser therapies are highly effective for a lot of different skin types with minimal downtime.


Hyperpigmentation: An uneven skin tone is when patches of the skin darken due to an increase in melanin production. Over time people can develop sunspots or ageing marks which can affect the even natural tone of the skin.


Sunspots: From being exposed to UV rays during the long summer months, people can go on to develop sunspots, also called liver spots. Generally, they appear on the face, back and shoulders – growing in people during the forties. With patients who have freckles, they exhibit additional problems as freckles can darken and merge with sunspot – making their skin appear more discoloured.


Stretchmarks: People who get stretch marks are more likely to be overweight, female, going through puberty and/or pregnant. Just before stretch marks start to show the skin is pink before stretching and changing to a silvery colour over time. As the skin stretches it loses its natural elastic presence and stretch marks become more indented with time.


Why Choose Juvea

We are a team of highly experienced aesthetic practitioners who have trained laser technicians to assist us with laser therapies. Laser therapy is an up and coming cosmetic treatment and has grown in popularity in the last twenty years. When it comes to selecting a clinic, you can be sure that Juvea understands what you need and want from our treatment.


For the ICON IPL laser, we tailor the treatment to your skin type and colour. From there on, we can assess your skin and decide on the best treatment avenue. You should be aware that you may experience some discomfort after the treatment. However, most people only exhibit some mild redness and blotchiness. This tends to dissipate after a few days with relative ease.


Frequently Asked Questions

About ThreeForMeTM Icon Laser Treatment

  • 1. Can I get IPL laser treatment if I am taking photosensitizing medication like an antibiotic?

    Drug-induced photosensitivity is caused by the light’s reaction to the medicine being taken. Side-effects tend only to occur when people are exposed to UV rays.

  • 2. What side-effects can I expect from IPL side effects?

    Some people may experience side-effects such as blistering, burning or scaring. We tend to see these side-effects in people who have lighter skin and can help with tightening.

  • 3. Do I need more than one treatment?

    It depends on what type of skin you have, for people that have a lot of issues with their skin – they tend to benefit after several treatments. At Juvea, we recommend that you have at least three to five treatments – from then on, people will see significant improvements to their skin.

  • 4. Does IPL tighten skin and treat wrinkles?

    Yes, after several treatments, the photorejuvenation effects of IPL will significantly enhance your skin. For example, we can remove the red spots and treat the blotchiness of your skin after a few treatments. For each patient, we use sophisticated technology to target their skin type. Then depending on the condition, we will schedule a treatment plan.

  • 5. Does IPL stimulate collagen?

    As the light passes through the upper layer of the skin, it penetrates deeper into the dermal layers to trigger collagen production. Over several treatments, the light energy stimulates fibroblast production, releasing new collagens. Patients benefit from smoother, rejuvenated skin after several treatments.

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