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Conditions Treated

Infamous Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet are a highly common concern among both genders, as manifested as deep-set wrinkles etched within the corner of the eye causing an old expression, far more pronounced on this skin. Frequently, they occur middle age but can be present earlier in people with unhealthy lifestyles, genetic reasons or overexposure to ultraviolet rays. As we age, though the natural elasticity of the skin is lost, causing many patients to form the infamous Crow’s Feet.

Botox treatment for Crow’s feet is one of the significant reasons why people seek to have injections, due to the fantastic results seen in a myriad of patients. Botox injections work fast relaxing underlying muscle activity, before complete relaxation within a couple of days. The results are phenomenal with years sliced off the patient, one study in 2016, assessed 1,362 participants for Botox treatment reporting that it can last up to four months. We also see a similar experience with our patients, which is we tend to recommend follow-up appointments in the future to target the same area or different problem areas. Recovery is straight forward with little need for anaesthesia, it squeezes nicely into your lunchtime hour and should be able to return home with few side-effects.

Furrowing Frown Lines
Frown lines are highly prevalent from the effects of ageing and appear as knitting of the tissue between the eyebrows. Years of eye squinting and facial expressions causes repeated contraction of the muscles resulting in fine lines and deep-set wrinkles. For many patients, this causes them to appear angry or sad, often representing as unappealing appearance. Ultimately, patients feel lower self-esteem and are unhappy with their appearance. Botox injections are highly effective for smoothening out the skin, giving a younger and youthful look.

Squeezing a session neatly into your schedule, Botox injections can take roughly thirty minutes with one of our skilled cosmetic experts. Since many patients are often highly expressive, then treatment with Botox can easily target these worry lines. Due to medical advancements of Botox practice, we can make you look natural with a relaxed face, unlike the previous saddened expression. Additionally, regular top-ups of Botox injection are highly effective in maintaining this look well into your ageing years.

Relax, Don’t Sweat It
Excessive sweating is highly prevalent, affecting nearly 2% of adults, with men being more commonplace than women. Many see it as a problem because it feels unnatural, causes societal concerns and ultimately lowers self-esteem. Some people have genetic issues which makes them more prone to sweating with overactive sweat glands. Annoying damp patches of sweat under the armpits are almost always noticeable by others in the workplace or at special events – causing a great deal of concern for the patient.

At Juvea, we understand that excessive sweating, otherwise known as hyperhidrosis can be a real damper on the mood. This is why we use Botox injections to lower the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter or chemical produced by the body responsible for promoting activation of sweat glands. Botox injections can be injected directly into the armpits, palms of the hand or even soles of the feet. Saliently, we notice the effects of Botox almost instantly, with many patients feeling a great deal of satisfaction after just one treatment. After a few months Botox may wear off, which is we are happy to give additional treatment sessions to ensure your sweat glands are controlled.

Smile Like You Mean It
A gummy smile, known because, in patients, they exhibit excessive gingival display, or abnormal amount of gum compared to teeth. Highly unappealing, causing a lack of self-esteem and lower your confidence. Medically it is caused by the hyperfunction of the upper lip elevator muscle or by vertical growth of the bone of maxilla. It is believed to be the cause of genetics, with nearly 14% of women and 7% of men exhibiting unnatural gummy smiles. However, statistically many are seeking alteration of the gummy smile, with a report of 569,160 gingivectomies performed in 2005 according to the American Dental Association Health Policy Institute.

With Botox Injections, you can finally smile like you mean it, without the embarrassment, or the lack of confidence. Botox injections have been highly effective in improving a patient’s gummy smile by targeting the upper lip elevator muscles. By paralysis of these muscles, it inhibits the contract of the upper lip when smiling and prevents a gummy smile. In contrast to surgical procedures, it is highly effective and less invasive, certainly less expensive. Additionally, the effects tend to last as long as six months with further recurring treatments in the future, to keep you smiling.

Unfeminine Wide Jaw
A wide jaw can be seen as unattractive by many women, typically presenting as a sizeable square-framed jaw, normally appeasing in a man, not a woman. Usually, the result of genetics, it is caused by an overgrowth in the jawbone, which can develop as by-product of the condition acromegaly. However, wide jaw can be result of oversized muscle in the face, such as the masseter muscle, which grows through exercising the jaw or grinding the teeth.

Botox injections are highly beneficial for suffers who are unhappy with the physical appearance of their jaw. Unlike surgical intervention, which is highly invasive and may pose further risks, injections can be injected into the masseter muscle reduce consistent contractions of this muscle. Ultimately, this can aid in the physical appearance of the jawline, giving a more desirable feminine look, highly appreciated by women with wide jaw.

Frantic Forehead Lines
Forehead lines are generally present as the results of ageing and tired appearance of the face. Affecting both genders, one study reported a higher presence in patients who were more stressed than average. It appears our face, shows the signs of stress and ageing – over time. Another issues it that some patients can have more forehead wrinkles at an earlier age, causing deep-set wrinkles, unappealing to the eye.

This is why many seek Botox injections at Juvea because, with our expert training, we feel confident in being able to rejuvenate your forehead. Botox temporarily paralyses the muscles of the brow normally contracting abnormally, to promote smoother skin and more desirable appearance, pleasing to the eye. Primarily, our patients look younger, happier and more confident. Our treatments last few months, but we can schedule in appointments in the future to keep you looking young.

What are the Benefits of Botox?

Ageing and exposure to ultra-violet rays are usually the common causes of wrinkles and tired-looking skin. There are many benefits of treatment with Botox as it aids in smoothening skin by relaxing muscles relaxing the contracted muscles. Essentially it is highly effective in rejuvenating a tired appearance by targeting fine lines and deep-set wrinkles. Unlike surgical procedures which are highly invasive, Botox in virtual non-invasive as it doesn’t require anaesthesia or long-term recovery in a hospital. Sessions can squeeze neatly in-between your lunch hour, and you can schedule sessions that fit within your schedule. At Juvea, we use high-quality Botox, and our healthcare professionals are trained in the best techniques and are highly experienced from a year of practice. We believe in only employing the best professionals who have a proven track record of applying Botox. During our consultation, we can show you before and after photos to help you choose if Botox is the right treatment for you.

As many people think that Botox is just used for cosmetic procedures, it is also highly effective for medical issues. For instance, nearly 2% of adults suffer from hyperhidrosis, which is a medical condition caused by excessive sweating. Essentially, it is uncomfortable for the patient with social, psychological and societal concerns. Injecting Botox in the armpits, palms or soles of the feet is highly effective in reducing the release of acetylcholine generally associated with an increase in sweat release. Additionally, it can be used for dropping of the eyes, usually caused by an effectivity or hyperactivity of muscles responsible for holding the eyes in place. Another medical application is cervical dystonia causing involuntary bladder contractions, causing incontinence for the patient. Botox can be used to relax these muscles making it easier for the patient to urinate. Not to mention the broad applications of Botox treatment with regards to muscle spasm disorders associated with painful contraction of muscles resulting in muscular pain and fatigue. Botox has been used to alleviate this type of pain by preventing abnormal involuntary contraction and promoting overall relaxation and patient comfort.

Fundamentally at Juvea, we believe a core component of seeking Botox treatment is to use highly qualified cosmetic professionals who understand medical, psychological and patient needs. This is why our physicians are continually improving with years of experience and skill within cosmetics. We hope to guide you through the entire process by giving you a free consultation to the treatment to ensure we offer the very best for you.


Since most of our Botox treatments can fit neatly into your lunch hour, then aftercare is straight-forward. Unlike surgical procedures you do need any anaesthesia or an overnight stay in the hospital. However, we recommend that you do not attempt to use the muscles that have 24 been injected for the first 1hours after treatment. Additionally, do not rub the injected site within this timeframe. It is normal to experience some facial pain or a headache after the treatment, so don’t be alarmed, which can easily be managed with over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol. In summary, we recommend that you avoid doing this for at least 24hrs post-treatment:
 Contracting the muscles in the treated area
 Exercise
 Seeking any facial treatments

Mostly, many of our patients see the effects of treatment after two weeks, but in rare cases effects are noticed within the first 4-5 days. Usually, this is appropriate amount of time for the muscles to begin to lose strength and for Botox to take full effect. In most cases it is typical for a chance of slight bruising at the treated site, but this is temporary, and rest assure marks should dissipate after two weeks.

What is involved in the treatment?

Upon consultation with one of our experts, we will discuss what treatment areas we recommend reaching your aesthetic ideals. Generally, before treatment we recommend that you avoid alcoholic beverages before the procedure and taking any anti-inflammatory drugs. Botox works by blocking the signal from the nerves to the muscles, meaning the injected muscle can no longer contract, as usual, causing the muscles to relax. After several months the muscles may return to normal, and contract as per usual. However, we can offer follow-up appointments to target the same areas or different areas causing you concern.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • + When will notice the results?

    Results are typically seen within 4-5 days, but generally the best results are seen after two weeks. Necessarily, this beneficial for our patients because there is no dramatic change in appearance immediately after treatment.

  • + How long do the results last?

    Results of Botox treatment can last for a few months, depending on the individual who is getting the treatment. However, our physicians do recommend top-up treatment every four months.

  • + What areas can I get treated on my face?

    For your face, you can get many areas treated, generally associated with fine lines and wrinkles. For example, Botox is highly effective in treating Bunny Lines, Crow’s Feet, Dimpled Chin, Forehead Lines, Glabella Lines, Peri-oral Lines and Marionette lines. These areas are typically troubled with deep-set wrinkles associated with the ageing process and are result of damage from UV rays. Additionally, if you have a gummy smile, Botox is effective by an injecting into the upper lip elevator muscle, by stabilising the hyperactive muscles of the upper lip. Additionally, patients who present with a dropping mouth, Botox can be used to improve the patient’s smile and appear more aesthetically appealing.

  • + How much recovery time is needed after the procedure?

    Unlike surgical procedures, we don’t need to administer anaesthesia, or will you require any recovery time overnight in a hospital. We can easily schedule your appointments within the lunch hour or in-between other activities. Afterwards, we recommend that you do not touch the affected area for at least two hours or attempt to use the muscle.

  • + Is Botox Treatment Safe?

    Since the 1980s Botox treatments have been used and are certified by the FDA. It has been used successfully in adults for a variety of medical conditions, cosmetically it is highly effective in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • + Do Botox injections hurt?

    Botox injections are relatively painless as the injections are performed using fine needles. With this treatment, patients do not have to get any anaesthesia, and these injections take roughly twenty minutes.

  • + Will I Still Have Expression in my Face?

    Botox treatments are designed to smooth out dynamic wrinkles mainly around the eyes and in the forehead, not affecting your expression. Essentially, we tailor our treatment to each patient, depending on which areas are getting treated and the results you are seeking.

  • + How many treatments will I need?

    Your experienced doctor will assess how many units of Botox are required for you at your consultation, and which areas require treatment. You will only require one treatment around every four months to maintain your wrinkle-free complexion.

  • + Are there any side effects?

    Most people find that their injections cause only mild pain and tenderness. Immediately after the injection may cause mild swelling in the injection site within 48 hours. Occasionally the treatment may relax nearby muscle groups creating temporary drooping of the eyebrows or eyelids. Essentially, this may last for a few weeks but will resolve with time. Saliently, Botox has been used for over twenty years and is relatively safe, as Botox leaves the body within a few days. However, we do ask you to have a review appointment to ensure the Botox treatment has worked to treat the problem areas.

  • + What is hyperhidrosis, and how can Botox help?

    Excessive sweating is a severe problem for many people, affecting nearly 2% of adults. It can be highly distressing and effect on your daily life, many do not seek treatment, despite the adverse effects in your life. Botox can be used to treat overactive sweat glands by reducing the release of acetylcholine, associated with activating the sweat glands. However, Botox can be injected in your sweat glands; armpits, palms or soles of the feet.

  • + Will Botox help with sagging eyelids?

    For people with sagging eyelids, Botox is highly effective in lifting the muscles on your forehead and help lift your eyelids. Upon consultation, we will recommend the best treatment routes to target both eyelid sagging and other areas that exhibit fine lines and deep-set wrinkles.

  • + Which areas are most commonly treated with Botox?

    Botox injections are commonly used to relax muscles under the eyebrows, crow’s feet, or lines that extend from out from the corners of the eyes, forehead lines or the horizontal lines on the forehead. Additionally, Botox can also be highly effective for marionette lines, or the vertical lines present on the chin.

  • + Is there a rebound effect when Botox wears off

    Once Botox wears off, muscle activity should return to normal, but you can go for repeat treatments after a few months – if required.

  • + Who can legally use Botox?

    Botox is a prescription drug and must be provided by an approved medical professional, all of our physicians are medically trained in applying Botox with years of experience.

  • + Is anaesthesia used for Botox treatments?

    No, you do not require any anaesthesia and treatments can be completed within a slotted lunch hour, with ease.

  • + What will happen if I only get one Botox treatment and discontinue any further procedures?

    After Botox wears off in a few months, the muscles will return to the normal state, but this may cause further wrinkles to develop over time. Botox will not worsen your wrinkles it is designed to smoothen the skin by relaxing the muscles it is generally most effective by targeting key areas.

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