Restore your womanhood with breast enlargement surgery. It doesn’t matter if you’ve always wanted the perfect breasts or you’ve recently had a child – breast enlargement surgery can substantially improve your physique. So, why do people opt for breast augmentation surgery in our London Clinics?


  • Improve your confidence
  • Get back your womanhood
  • Fix asymmetrical breasts
  • Improve your body image
  • If you’re unhappy with your breast size
  • Restore the lost firmness or sagging


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Breast Enlargement

Frequently Asked Questions

About Breast Enlargement London

  • 1. How to Choose the right Breast Implant Size

    Too big or too small? Neither is excellent unless the perfect size matches a fabulous physique. That’s where Juvea can help you choose the right breast implant size. From our years of experience, we have consulted many women and are capable of helping you reach your aesthetic ideals.


    For many patients, reconstructive surgery is about seeking to improve or maintain their original physique. For example, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy can help restore your femininity, making you feel beautiful and like a woman. Juvea can help with deciding on how ‘much bigger’ you want your breasts and accommodating the size increase over several treatments.


    Another example is when women have larger breasts and are unhappy with the size. Often, they experience back pain and even unwanted attention from the opposite sex. This is where breast reduction can help with both appearance and confidence. Choosing size is an entirely individual choice but to get a better idea about what to expect from breast surgery, contact Juvea today.

  • 2. Breast Lift Scars

    A primary concern with most women is that breast surgery can cause scarring, and most tend to ask questions about what to expect after surgery. During your consultation, we aim to ensure that there is the least amount of scarring possible. The four main incisions used are anchor, lollipop, doughnut and crescent.


    Most Scarring: Both the anchor and lollipop is a technique where the incision is made vertically under the breast near the areola. With these methods, although the scar is more noticeable, it is beneficial for women who have a larger chest size. These scars include a vertical incision under and around the areola.


    Minimal Scarring: Comparatively the doughnut and crescent techniques are discrete with incisions only made around the areola. They can be hidden naturally for a variety of different skin tones and is a popular choice for women with smaller breasts.

  • 3. How to Find the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon

    In the past, a lot of people were attracted to foreign countries because they offered discounted breast surgery treatments. The problem with that is that people ended up having botched procedures which cost the NHS millions of pounds to fix. So, if your considering any breast surgery procedures always make sure that your surgeon is a BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons). Here are some of the criteria you might want to look for is


    • UK Clinics since there surgeons are BAAPS certified and regulated standard aesthetic protocols. Also, make sure you ask to check they are a member of the General Medical Council (GMC).
    • Professionals with a portfolio who can prove their experience in breast enlargement surgery.
    • A surgeon who spends time with you and understands what you want from breast enlargement surgery.
    • A clinic with a reputation and evidence of best practice and patient care.
  • 4. Advantages of Anatomical Implants over Round Implants

    Determining the type of implant is crucial to the resulting appearance: the teardrop has a sloped shape compared to rounder implants. Tear drops are called anatomical implants and are often favoured in cosmetics because:


    • Women look more natural with shaped breasts
    • You benefit from more side cleavage
    • Surgery can be used to lift and centralise the nipple position
    • Offers greater protection and suitable for patients with smaller breasts
  • 5. Why do patients get Round Breast Implants?

    Depending on the size of the patient’s breasts affects the surgeon’s choice in deciding what implants are best suited for you. Round shaped implants can benefit the natural curvature of the breasts and are selected for larger-framed women.


  • 6. Choosing Breast Augmentation after Childbirth

    Pregnancy takes a massive toll on a woman’s health and can seriously affect your breast appearance. Losing the natural curvature and resulting in breast drooping, which is why many seek breast augmentation. I think the most obvious problem is that most women nowadays tend to have several children and breastfeed.


    Cutting it simply, breast shape changes after having children as people lose the natural asymmetry. Therefore, seeking a consultation with Juvea will allow us to identify the next steps and help you reach your aesthetic ideals.


    1. Reasons to have Breast Enlargement Surgery

    Breast enlargement is major step back into the realms of femininity for many women. So, what are the most common reasons to have breast enlargement surgery:


    • Improves self-esteem
    • Restores femininity
    • Let’s you control your size and physique
    • Fix asymmetrical breasts


    If you’d more information about breast augmentation with Juvea, just click here.

  • 8. Why do surgeons tell you to stop smoking before surgery?

    Cigarette smoke contains over fifty different chemicals, with tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia, and nicotine. Nicotine directly affects blood flow by acting on nicotinic receptors, which can then delay the healing process. Therefore, medical professionals tell you to stop because they want to ensure you recover optimally after breast augmentation surgery.

  • 9. What conditions can breast augmentation treat?

    As firm natural breasts are highly desirable, this is the major reason for why people tend to opt for breast enlargement surgery.


    We help with

    • Undeveloped breasts
    • Lower levels of self-esteem
    • Asymmetrical breasts


  • 10. Can Breast Augmentation Cause Acne?

    Acne is pro-longed skin condition for most patients, affecting them because of genetics or environmental factors. There is no chance that breast implants can cause acne especially since acne is worsened with diet and stress. If your suffering from acne the it might be worth checking out Juvea’s chemical peels or HydraFacials.



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