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COVID-19 Response

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues and life starts to gradually progress back to normal, at Juvea we are closely following the governments guidelines by taking the appropriate steps which we are implementing in our clinics to be able to reopen safely. We have taken many steps to ensure you have the safest possible visit with us, even changing our opening hours during the Covid-19 period to 12pm - 8pm to prevent anyone travelling during rush hour.


We would like to share the following information with you to ensure that you are prepared when arriving at our clinic on how to proceed and cooperate with us to not only keep yourself, but also our staff, as safe as possible.


If you have Symptoms


Please note even if you have an appointment booked, if you are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus (a high temperature, or a cough) you should not come to your appointment. Further advice on what you should do to stop the spread of coronavirus if you are experiencing symptoms can be found here on the governments website.



If you cannot make your appointment because you have symptoms, please give us a call on020 7291 4554 to let us know.


Arriving at the Clinic


We have put certain procedures in place to be able to continue to treat patients safely, following the governments guidelines on how to do so. We ask all of our patients to follow the following steps when arriving at the clinic;


  1. Phone us on arrival to let us know you are here
  2. Walk through reception to the 2nd floor of the clinic
  3. Someone will meet you at the door where you will be given shoe covers and shown where you can wash your hands


We shall then take you to a private waiting area where only 1 patient will be there at a time. Before receiving your treatment we will take your temperature and medical history, where you will be provided with a disinfected pen to sign your consent form. All of our used pens will be put in a box to be disinfected. If, when you are walking through the clinic, you come across another patient walking in the opposite direction, we ask that you step into one of the open side rooms to allow the other person to pass.

The Procedure Process


All staff will be in full PPE as instructed by the UK Government and you can be assured that all surfaces and equipment will be disinfected prior to your arrival. Our clinicians will disinfect their hands as well as wear fresh gloves for every patient they see. A face mask will be provided to all patients who are not receiving a facial treatment, and all areas which we treat will be disinfected prior to the treatment, and a dressing will be applied after the treatment when appropriate. Unfortunately while visiting the clinic during the Covid-19 period, we will not be providing any drinks to patients either in the patient waiting area or during your treatment.


On your departure we will ask you to remove your shoe covers near the exit for disposal and you will be asked to wash your hands again before you leave the clinic.


These processes have been adapted after carefully to the governments guidance on the best practices for business to take when reopening, which can be found here .




The Follow Up


We have taken step to minimise risk and another adaptation we have made is to the follow up procedure. To avoid any unnecessary trips, we will be arranging for our follow up consultations to be over the phone or via a video call. You will still receive the full care and assessments but we will not require you to revisit the clinic after your treatment.