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Botox Prices

From one treatment area, we offer prices as little as £250.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • + What is the best method to treat a dimpled chin?

    As discussed, a dimpled chin is caused by excessive contraction of the mentalis muscle, the muscle responsible for elevating the upper lip. Due to constraints of ageing, this muscle can be hyperactive, giving people the characteristic ‘golf ball’ chin. Botox offers multiple advantages because it reduces contraction of the mentalis muscle and is non-invasive, unlike chin augmentation surgery. Additionally, it neatly fits into your lunch-hour and does not require any hospitalisation. Not to mention the effects of Botox can last as long as several months.

  • + What does a Botox treatment feel like?

    Unlike surgical methods, many patients report minimal discomfort with Botox injections, which can easily fit into a tight schedule. In cases where patients are sensitive to pain, a numbing cream can be applied to eliminate any discomfort.

  • + How does Botox work?

    Botox is a protein derived from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum and aims to prevent the release of a naturally occurring chemical called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine plays a crucial role in the contraction of muscles and thus preventing its release reduces the contraction of those muscles often present in individuals with wrinkles or dimples in their chin. As an FDA approved prescription drug, only a medically qualified physician can prescribe Botox with even tighter regulations around who can inject it. Hence, at Juvea, we only use highly experienced practitioners to treat our patients.

  • + Is Botox safe?

    Botox is an FDA-approved drug in which only highly qualified medical professionals can prescribe it and must be adequately trained in injecting it into patients. Unlike surgical procedures, it is less invasive and doesn’t require any general anaesthesia or an overnight stay in a hospital.

  • + What are the causes of chin dimpling?

    Chin dimpling is commonly caused by excessive contraction of the mentalis muscle, associated with more profound and finer wrinkles. Age is a common issue since fat is generally lost around the chin area, pulling the mentalis muscle even further. However, even ultra-violet exposure from the sun can directly affect this area, promoting the development of chin wrinkles. Additionally, patients with adult acne can affect the youthfulness of the skin developing dimpling.

  • + Am I a suitable candidate for Botox injections for chin dimpling?

    From the consultation all the throughout the post-treatment we will thoroughly advise you on what to do. For example, we recommend that you do not attempt to use your muscles to smile or aggravate the treatment area. Specifically, we prefer that you allow your face to rest during the post-operational period. Essentially this area may be slightly sore and in some cases can bruise from the Botox injections. However, we will follow-up with another consultation to ensure that we have helped you reach your aesthetic ideals.

  • + What results can I expect to see?

    After a few days, some patients will notice the significant effects of treatment with Botox. However, we usually recommend you wait for at least a few weeks to see to complete effects, resulting in a weakening of the mentalis muscle in the chin. Additionally, this improves the appearance of your chin, giving a youthful appearance and with a reduction in the characteristic dimpling.

  • + How many treatments will I need for chin dimpling?

    Normally, this depends on the severity of your chin dimples, which varies from patient to patient. However, a single treatment of Botox can last several months with a need for re-treatment following that period.

  • + Why do patients come to Juvea for Botox treatments?

    As our clinics are highly recognisable within the heart of London, many patients are drawn to us because of our expert reputation. We continually seek to advance our skills within aesthetics by tailoring treatments to the individual and using state-of-the-art clinics. All of the practitioners who work for Juvea have years of experience within both traditional medicine and cosmetic practice. Not to mention that we have been providing patients like yourself the best cosmetic treatments, using Botox to treat a variety of issues like hyperhidrosis, bunny lines, forehead lines, marionette lines are just some of the examples.

  • + What are the advantages of using Botox for treating chin dimples?

    Unlike surgical methodologies which are costly to patients, Botox provides a cheaper alternative that is safer and shows long-lasting results for several months. Seeking a youthful chin is a common request by many of our patients and Botox can create natural-looking results by removing those pesky chin dimples. By balancing the appearance of your face, Botox can sculpt your face to perfection without the hassle of any surgery.

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I was invited to be a hair laser model from a close friend who recommended Juvea.

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I have been really please with my treatment. Staff are very friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend Juvea to anyone who is interested in having Laser Hair removal!!

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Couldn't be more pleased with the service given...they was kind, professional and above all good at what they do, I definitely will be recommending.

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Best treatments in London

Best treatments in London :) such a great place to have all the procedures offered done. Staff is very friendly and carrying, really nice to come back anytime.

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