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SculpSure™- the end to stubborn pockets of fat

It seems only that very few escape life without experiencing some sort of fat issue!  So you are not alone in your quest to solve those problem areas that just won’t improve no matter how hard you exercise or diet.

Fortunately, there is a reliable way to address these stubborn pockets of fat – and even better, the procedure is minimally invasive so you can be back to your normal routine really quickly.

The SculpSure™ system by industry leading medical innovator, Cynosure®, uses the latest laser technology to accurately and safely reduce fat from areas that have always been a problem or developed over time.  This technology is basically a form of liposuction – but not as you might think.

What is it and how does it work?

Laser lipolysis or liposuction, is a simple, yet high-tech approach to fat removal and body contouring.  It works by targeting the fat through a laser light device and a cooling system. The procedure stimulates collagen production, resulting in tighter skin for many patients (conventional liposuction can result in sagging skin

The main attributes to this treatment are:

  • A safe and reliable solution to unwanted fatty areas resistant to conventional methods of fat-loss
  • Size reduction, typically a flatter tummy or slimmer legs
  • “Tighter” skin and smoother body contours
  • A virtually pain-free experience
  • Quick recovery showing great improvements early on
  • Long lasting results
  • Suitable for all healthy men and (not pregnant) women
  • Suitable for all skin types

Because the SculpSure™ laser liosuction procedure is so minimally invasive it means:

  • general anaesthetic is not required, which in turn means no associated risks to your health from this form of pain management
  • you are able to return home the same day
  • minimal discomfort
  • limited or no damage to other body tissues
  • no scarring
  • less bruising

For the Legs

Both men and women can suffer abnormally large legs compared to the rest of their body. Most people will say that weight loss will eventually affect their legs and so it is the former group that are understandably frustrated by this part of their body. Laser liposuction, with its fine needle probes can intelligently and accurately target the fatty areas on the whole leg leaving no scarring.

For the Thighs

For women, the inner thighs can be forever loose or uneven. Even the fittest athletes can have that little bit of inner wobble, which is seen as undesirable and ageing. The flesh on the inner thighs is very difficult to tone and easily “relaxes” back to its natural state after long periods of intense training.
Outer thighs can usually be worked on by exercise and diet but some people experience a stubborn layer of fat that simply will not shift. In both situations, the laser liposuction acts as a highly successful solution to these problem areas.

Below the Knees

The knees are not typically known for being a big fat storing area, however, many people do have large knees in relation to their legs and sometimes this is due to small pockets of fat. The accuracy and skill that can be applied through the laser liposuction technique means patients can see a greatly improved shape to their legs. Care is needed to achieve symmetry and your consultant will advise on realistic expectations.

For the Arms

We’ve all laughed at the name “bingo wings” but addressing this delicate area on the upper arms is becoming more commonly requested by women. No matter how much weight training or swimming you do, gravity will cause the flesh will fall away from the biceps when the arm is fully or semi horizontal. It seems the connection between muscle and flesh here is irreparable, therefore liposuction is the only solution and laser lipolysis is ideal due to lack of scarring.

Upper Abdomen

The stomach area and its abdominal surrounds are the most commonly requested area for treatment. Young and old, large and small, men and women can spend years dieting and/or exercising with little success. Even if a person is not considered clinically obese, the subcutaneous fat in this area is considered bad for our health as the fat is literally suffocating the vital organs in the abdominal area. Laser liposuction can target this area and aims to delivery results that are not just aesthetically pleasing but offers a better sense of wellbeing too.

Lower Abdomen

his area is a particular problem for women post child birth and adults after drastic weight loss. The fat can appear as a gentle swell below the belly-button making clothing tight and uncomfortable. In severe cases the flesh can hang very low below the pubic area. The beauty of the SculpSure™ system is that it can address the sagging skin problem associated with large and rapid weight loss.

See Stubborn Fat Reduce in 12 Weeks

Most patients report visible improvement within a few weeks. Our advice is to wait a full 12 weeks before judging the success against your original aims.

You can discover your suitability for the treatment by calling one of our experts at Juvea today. It might be that upon closer assessment, another method of fat removal or body contouring will be right for you.

All fat removal procedures at Juvea Aesthetics offer reliable, successful and safe results so we are confident we will be able to sort those stubborn fatty issues for you without delay.

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