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Fatty tissue that collects around the stomach area can be the most difficult to get rid of. A person might have had a problem with excessive belly fat all their life, but many find it just becomes worse into middle age or through changes in life such as pregnancy or ill health.

Improving one’s diet and increasing a daily exercise routine will always be a doctor’s first piece of advice but for some this course of action does not work. Thankfully there are now successful treatments available that work by removing the fat cells in these stubborn areas. The procedures are low-invasion and offer long term results. If you have been battling with excessive stomach fat you may wish to consider the options available today.


This stubborn, unwanted fat is known as subcutaneous fat as it lies just beneath the skin’s surface. There are some individuals who carry an unwanted amount of weight around other areas such as hips and thighs without having any excess stomach fat but they are quite rare, the belly, however is one area that affects even the slimmest of people.

Exactly why the stomach is so easily victimised by fat stores can be explained by low activity levels. People who do very little will at least use their legs and buttocks for transporting themselves and their arms for lifting but the torso and lower abdomen can easily become idle. In days before food was plentiful, the body had good reason to store fat where it could be used in reserve for critical energy supply during famine, sickness and or physical trauma. But these days a large fat store is rarely needed. Both lifestyle and natural occurrences are the key contributors to an unhealthy level of stomach fat:

  • Genetic make up – inheriting our parents’ natural physical form and changes over the years is common.
  • Hormonal changes – especially for women during pregnancy, childbearing years and menopause is an expected influence on weight gain in this area.
  •  A poor diet that is high in fats, carbohydrates (sugars) will affect anyone over time regardless of their genetic foundation. A big culprit in the appearance of a beer belly is not surprisingly beer or other alcoholic drinks. Significant alcohol consumption over a long period of time will undoubtedly hit the abdomen area as it high in calories but low in nutrition.
  • Lack of exercise or activity - it is common sense that a lack of burning calories will result in weight gain. Exercise doesn’t have to be extreme, just balanced with food and drink intake.

Whatever the cause might be, it is a problem for a person’s health if the measure of fat is considered a threat to one’s health. BMI is one measure but waist circumference (in relation to a persons BMI and age etc) is now used more accurately as a health indicator. We all know about the layers of fat that sit deep within the abdominal area which literally suffocate the vital organs. This visceral fat impedes the normal function of the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys by releasing inflammatory compounds resulting in poor health and diseases such as diabetes and even cancer.

Impact on life

Many people with a belly fat problem can become quite depressed about their weight. This can be a physical feeling and an emotional one due to their appearance and how they are perceived. The problem spirals as the physical feeling sets them back from increasing activity and the emotional feeling tends to lead to comfort-eating – usually the wrong foods like fatty or sugary snacks.

In the end it becomes like an addiction which needs forceful action. Help from either a medical professional or the support of friends and family can help someone get motivated to make the changes. Diet and exercise will undoubtedly help in the fight against obesity but there are some cases where just one area – often the belly – that proves to be so stubborn and only a high-tech solution is an option.

Treatments and how they work

New forms of lipolysis are the way forward for targeting specific areas of excess fat in a way that provides smoother firmer skin.


Leading the way in laser lipolysis is the SculpSure™ system from Cynosure®.  Using hyperthermic laser technology the SculpSure™ procedure targets the areas of stubborn fat through the laser light device.  The laser energy is used to heat fat cells to the point of destruction, where they are then removed via the bodies lymphatic system over the following few weeks. With zero invasion and therefore no downtime or recovery period, this treatment offers quick results that continue to improve when the area settles.  Favoured by our clinicians at Juvea Aesthetics, the SculpSure™ device is easily controlled, making accurate targeting of the unwanted fatty areas a reliable method for long term results.

Traditional Liposuction

For those with more complex problems or those who need a large area of fat removal, your consultant might advise you to opt for the traditional form of liposuction.  This has advanced in recent years and is considered a low-invasion procedure which provides highly successful results.  A small incision, less than 1cm, in the area being treated injects fluid to help reduce bleeding and aid removal of the excess fat. The surgeon then inserts a cannula (tube) attached to a vacuum pump which breaks down and removes fat cells. The incision is closed with a dissolvable suture and a pressure garment is applied. Typically you can go home a few hours after your operation.  


If you have decided to tackle your problem by using one of today’s latest fat removal therapies you need to be sure you pick the right procedure for you. Call a Juvea expert today to discuss the options available to you.



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