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Do I need fat removal surgery?

Do I Need Fat Removal Surgery?

Body contouring and reshaping techniques are how we like to refer to the methods to remove unwanted fatty areas of the face and body.  It is important to know that fat is a substance and not a size.  Some people carry more fat than they should but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are overweight.  Therefore, surgery to remove fat should not be regarded as a “heavy” weight-loss plan as this can only really be achieved through diet, increased exercise or bariatric surgery (gastric bands etc).

These stubborn fatty areas could be a result of dramatic weight loss, pregnancy weight gain, other health conditions or medication.  If you are considering surgery or a minor treatment, remember it is for aesthetic improvement rather than a way to combat obesity.

There are non-surgical ways to remove fat

Usually, the best treatments are those that do not involve too much trauma to the body – or mind!  And with recent innovative developments in the aesthetics’ industry, we are seeing amazing results from non-invasive treatments such as laser lipolysis (liposuction).   Some new-to-market procedures are impressive such as SculpSure.

Like any surgery or health treatment, it is very important to do your research – both in terms of choosing the right body contouring procedure for your condition and where to have that procedure carried out.


Leading the way in laser lipolysis is the SculpSure™system from Cynosure®.  Using hyperthermic laser technology the SculpSure™procedure targets the areas of stubborn fat through the laser light device.  The impact of the heat-based energy causes the fat cells to form an emulsion of fatty tissue which is then gently removed via the ultra fine probes. With minimum invasion and therefore virtually no downtime or recovery period, this treatment offers quick results that continue to improve when the area settles.  Favoured by our clinicians at Juvea Aesthetics, the SculpSure™device is easily controlled, making accurate targeting of the unwanted fatty areas a reliable method for long term results.



Cryolipolysis® (or fat feezing) is a recent addition to the fat removal options.   The fat cells are literally frozen to death and their elimination from the body is via the lymphatic system over a period of several weeks or months.   With the Coolsculpting® system a gel pad and applicator are applied to the area.  Applicators that use vacuum will draw the tissue into the applicator cup and with this a patient might feel a tugging or pinching sensation. With a non-vacuum surface applicator it is more a sense of pressure.  The freezing method is then applied to the targeted fat for about 10 minutes. Intense cold followed by numbness is the typical experience.  The applicator is then removed leaving a bulge which can be massaged and warmed.

Optimum results are not usually seen until around three months. Quality or evenness might vary from patient to patient.


Both the SculpSure™and Coolsculpting® treatments offer similar results, with minimum skin invasion.  The main difference between the two approaches is the technology – one is a heat process, the other is a freezing process.


  SculpSure® Coolsculpting®
Advantages Suitable for all healthy adult men and women. Suitable for all healthy adult men and women.
Suitable for all skin types. Suitable for all skin types.
No invasion, low risk of infection Some options are zero invasion = no risk of infection (adverse reactions can occur)
Established procedure with longer term success rates. Fat cells are destroyed – in theory this should mean no “re-filling” of fat in treated area.
2-3 applications is usually all that is needed. More than application is often required.
The fat gently depletes over time (at least several weeks) by the body’s own lymphatic drainage system. The fat gently depletes over time (at least several weeks) by the body’s own lymphatic drainage system.
Immediate visible results that improve with time.
Able to treat multiple and even small surface areas.
Disadvantages Long-long term results and effects not yet reported.
. Targeting the fat is less controlled.  The clinician and patient will not know how effective the fat removal is until some weeks have passed.  Therefore more sessions might be required before the patient is
Usually no sedative is offered, but reports of some discomfort
Optimum results could take 4 or more months

SculpSure™is our method of choice

Partnering with Cynosure ® Juvea Aesthetics has conducted many highly successful laser lipolysis procedures.  We feel the laser SculpSure™gives our clinicians more control on targeting the areas of unwanted fatty tissue.  And our patients report that they can see almost immediate results which just improve with time.

Moreover, by working together, Cynosure and our sister company, MATA Courses, offers industry leading training courses for medical and aesthetics qualifications.  This gives us greater exposure to the latest developments and knowledge on success rates in this area of aesthetic practice.

What should I do next?

The good news is that there are a number of ways to tackle the problem of fatty body parts.  The only issue is which method to choose.  Talking to an expert at Juvea Aesthetics will help you decide if a fat removal procedure is right for you and if so, how to get started on planning your body contouring treatment.

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