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The ICON laser for acne scar removal is a highly successful procedure. Depending upon the number and severity of your scars, you could see a huge improvement in the condition and appearance of your skin in around 4-6 appointments over 8 weeks. And our laser technicians at Juvea Aesthetics are second-to-none with their aftercare. Each clinician offers helpful advice on post procedure skin care along with other useful tips on keeping your skin feeling healthy and looking great.

Our clients tell us the results were even better than they expected. And what’s more a good number of our clients come to us because they have been recommended by friends with the same condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • + What is optimised light photo-rejuvenation technology?

    Lasers specifically use light photo-rejuvenation technology, able to deliver pulses of intense light to regions of unwanted pigmented areas. If presented with an Asian patient who is suffering from extreme scarring from acne, then ICON can trigger the natural immune response. Over several treatments, we see substantial benefits to the patient with a generation of new healthy cells able to replace older cells.

  • + Is laser therapy the best option for acne scarring on Asian skin?

    Options exist for acne such as creams containing corticosteroids, salicylic acid, azelaic acid and antibiotics. However, with regards to acne scarring, it becomes far more challenging to find the best treatment avenue. Yet, laser therapies have proven themselves to be reasonably competent, as proven within the clinical literature. At Juvea, we specialise in modifying our treatment style for the patient. As Asian skin tends to be more prone to scaring, we tend to believe that multiple treatments work best by triggering the patient’s immune system into activity.

  • + How long until I see results for my skin?

    Two to four weeks, varying between individuals since scarring can be more or less pronounced. With regards to Asian skin, it will defiantly take several weeks, since scarring tends to be more noticeable compared to Caucasian skin.

  • + Am I the right candidate for acne scar removal treatment?

    People are suitable, with acne-prone skin we expect it to be oilier, with excess sebum clogging the pores. The great thing about the ICON laser is its dual approach in targeting scarring by using fractional ablative lasers in conjunction with IPL. Overall this enhances the effectivity of the treatment and over time stimulates the body’s natural immune response.

  • + How are the acne scars formed?

    If you are prone to picking whiteheads or blackheads, then the acne scarring is usually the result in severe cases. However, another reason is that the skin’s natural healing process is not as effective as it should be, resulting in frequent scarring. Additionally, if there is an abnormal production of collagen, then this increases the chances of scarring.

  • + Are ICON treatments harmful?

    If you are highly sensitive to pain, then we can administer topical anaesthetic at least thirty minutes before the laser treatment. However, our ICON lasers are ultra-modern and use cooling technology to ease your comfort.

  • + I have some burn scars, are laser therapies useful for burns?

    You have options of using surgical technology for treating burns; nowadays, an alternative is using laser technologies. Similar to the treatment of scarring, patients with injuries can benefit from upregulation of healthy cells.

  • + What are other types of scars other than acne ones treated with laser therapies?

    Therapies are highly effective for a variety of different scars, for example, burns or hyperpigmentation.

  • + How many sessions will I need to remove the scar altogether?

    It's essential to bear in mind that your scar might not remove entirely. It is dependent on the affliction of a degree of scarring — however, people to do gain a significant improvement after several treatments.

  • + How does the ICON laser promote healthy skin rejuvenation?

    Using laser energy to penetrate the flesh, this triggers the natural healing process as dead cells are replaced with healthy ones.

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A gym friend recommended Juvea when I told her I was interested in getting one of my tattoos removed.

Meghan Shirley

I don’t usually leave reviews of any sort, however on this occasion I will make an exception and the...


I was invited to be a hair laser model from a close friend who recommended Juvea.

Molly Maitland
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I would highly recommend Juvea

I have been really please with my treatment. Staff are very friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend Juvea to anyone who is interested in having Laser Hair removal!!

Annie Smith
I couldn't be more pleased with the service

Couldn't be more pleased with the service given...they was kind, professional and above all good at what they do, I definitely will be recommending.

D Kelly
Best treatments in London

Best treatments in London :) such a great place to have all the procedures offered done. Staff is very friendly and carrying, really nice to come back anytime.

Michaela K
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