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About How to decide on the right breast implant size for breast augmentation

  • How to decide on the right breast implant size for breast augmentation

    Does size matter? Well, it does if you want to feel like the woman you deserve to be, that’s where breast augmentation comes into play. During the initial stages of your consultation, we aim to discuss what you hope to gain from breast enlargement surgery. We always say that you should consider several factors like your current size, idealised size, breast width and the amount of breast tissue. Additionally, we take measurements like shoulder width, height, torso circumference, which is used to determine the adequate size for your breast enlargement surgery.

  • Speak to the Surgeons

    When deciding on getting breast augmentation, it is crucial to speak with the professionals who have years of experience within cosmetics and understand your needs. Juvea uses BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) qualified medical professionals who all have an exemplar portfolio of their work. Additionally, all of our consultants are registered under the General Medical Council (GMC). During your consultation, we will be able to show you before and after photographs. It’s one of the reasons that we suggest that you only use certified UK clinics since their cosmetic surgeons are regulated and obey standard BAAPS practice.

  • Appreciating your Body Image

    There are loads of tricks of the trade where people use padded bras, especially if they suffer from lower self-esteem and confidence. It doesn’t help that there is mass media attention focused on the perfect physique and how you should look. The irony is most women in the UK are a size 14-16 nothing close to the idealised size 8.


    Deciding on the right breast implant size for breast augmentation is crucial for making you feel at home in your skin. If your unhappy with your breast symmetry, then going up a cup-size could significantly improve your confidence and self-esteem. We have had the pleasure of working with loads of women over the years, and we believe in meeting patient expectations in reaching their aesthetic ideals.


    Alongside breast augmentation, we have also recommended SculpSure® liposuction fat removal since it’s non-invasive and responds well to patients who have difficulty shifting the pounds. From there you can expect significant results to your physique and finally feel comfortable in your skin.

  • Know your expectations

    When it comes to a serious operation like breast augmentation, you must know what to expect. Juvea surgeons are always on hand to help you with the procedure, aftercare and necessary downtime. For instance, we like to make sure you have all the information at hand like many patients who want to know what surgical scarring they can expect after surgery.


    Four main types of surgical incisions are used called anchor, lollipop, doughnut and crescent. Anchor and lollipop incisions cause the most apparent scarring with incisions made vertically under the breast crease and around the areola. Alternatively, for women with smaller breasts, incisions are only made around the areola and tend to be a popular choice for a variety of different skin tones.


    Therefore, at Juvea, don’t avoid asking us urgent questions during your consultation. That’s what we are there for, if you need reassurance about increasing your cup size, we can help with appropriate treatment steps for your procedure.

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