Dermal Fillers for Tear Troughs

Dermal Fillers for Tear Troughs London

Tired-looking eyes and dark circles that just won’t fade?  The skin around the eye area is very fragile, meaning that signs of fatigue or ageing show easily. Under-eye circles appear first at the corner of the eye and then underneath giving a sad, tired appearance.  Whether due to tiredness, genetics, diet or an unhealthy lifestyle, dark or prominent eye circles can really affect a person’s self-confidence.

Following a thorough consultation to determine the best treatment options based on the type of under-eye circles you have, your experienced doctor will decide if you are a good candidate for tear trough treatment at Juvea Aesthetics.

At Juvea Aesthetics London we are excited to now offer Teosyal Redensity II, the first dermal filler formulated especially to treat the tear trough area under the eyes. If you find it difficult to reduce black circles, fine lines and crêpey under-eye skin, Teosyal Redensity II is here to help.  The great thing about the Redensity II dermal filler is that it continues to work long after the injection treatment takes place by infusing the area with amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins giving maximum effectiveness and long-term results.

The tear trough treatment at Juvea involves around 3 or 4 injections under each eye after the area has had a topical anaesthetic cream applied to minimise any discomfort.  You will notice the results straight away, and one treatment can last between 9-12 months.

Dermal Fillers
Prices Starting From
Lip Enhancement
Nasolabial Folds
£400 to £650
Marionette Line
£400 to £650
Cheek Augmentation
£500 to £750
Chin Augmentation
£400 to £650
Nose Augmentation
£400 to £650

As we use Hyluaronic Acid-based fillers, the results are long-lasting but temporary and can last anywhere between 6 months to a year depending on the individual. After this period, to keep the look that you are so pleased with, repeat injections or top-ups may be required to maintain the shape and volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q, What are ‘tear troughs’?

They are the dark ridges that develop underneath the eyes which are may appear worse if you are tired or dehydrated.  These circles have long been difficult to treat by practitioners.

Q, Can other types of dermal filler be used to treat tear troughs?

Yes, they can but they are not as effective or long-lasting as Teosyal Redensity II and it doesn’t form lumps as others can.

Q, How long will the results last?

One treatment involves around 3-4 injections under each eye and will last around 9-12 months.

Q, Is the treatment painful?

Teosyal Redensity II includes lidocaine which is an anaesthetic meaning minimal discomfort is felt during the procedure.

Q, Are there any side effects to tear trough treatment?

You may experience some mild redness and slight bruising at the injection site but this is greatly reduced if an ice pack is applied after the procedure.

Q, How soon will I notice a difference?

You will see a visible difference straight away after the injection and will last around 9-12 months.

Q, Who is a suitable candidate for this treatment?

Men and woman with under-eye circles, following a consultation with the doctor.  The treatment is not suitable for pigmented dark circles or heavy under-eye bags which require surgery.

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