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MonaLisa Touch is a revolutionary treatment for Vaginal Atrophy and can help alleviate a host of uncomfortable conditions.

MonaLisa Touch Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

About Top Ten Reasons for Why the MonaLisa Touch Can Help Women

  • 1. Quicker than Walking the Dog

    For most walking, your furry friend takes at least twenty minutes before you get ready and rush off to work. Well, a touch-up with the MonaLisa Touch takes no longer than five minutes, with significant results after at least three treatments.

  • 2. Get Back your Natural Flow

    Urinary incontinence is common among older women and men. However, specific issues can increase your likelihood such as pregnancy, obesity, genetics and ageing. For women, the MonaLisa can help by reversing the effects of vaginal atrophy and improve the tightness of the vaginal canal. Ultimately, this makes it easier for you to release your bladder at the right time.

  • 3. Re-calibration of the Vaginal pH

    During times of stress, and when women experience vaginal atrophy, there is a dysregulation in the healthy presence of lactobacilli which contribute to the optimal alkaline pH of the mucus. Therefore, issues can arise when the vaginal fails to produce mucus, a symptom associated with vaginal atrophy. Therefore, using laser therapy, you can induce normal mucus production and thus regulate the normal pH of the vagina.

  • 4. Less Irritation during Sexual Intercourse

    Why should you suffer from irritation during sex? Women of all ages can experience discomfort, mainly if vaginal mucosa is not producing enough mucus. By creating micro-lesions in the endometrium this triggers epithelium remodelling, promoting new cells and alleviates vaginal pain.

  • 5. Reverse Vaginal Atrophy

    One symptom of menopausal women is the degradation of the epithelium cells in the vagina. Stimulating the release of collagen triggers and upregulates cell cycle pathways. Old epithelium cells are removed and replaced by new ones. After six months patients report a significant difference in the histological appearance of the top layers of the epithelium.

  • 6. Stop the Itch

    You're at work or spending time with your friends – the last thing you want to worry about is them catching you itching downstairs. It’s hardly lady-like, but after several sessions using the MonaLisa Touch, it can aid with vaginal dryness and itching.

  • 7. An Alternative to HRT

    For women who have had a hysterectomy, they usually are advised to be careful when taking HRT since it promotes levels of oestrogen within the body. Evidence suggests that oestrogen can enhance cancer-causing mutations and upregulate specific genes called CD95/FAS.

  • 8. Feel Young Again

    As we age, it is natural to become insecure about your vagina, especially if your victim to vaginal dryness. After sessions using the MonaLisa Touch it will help with discomfort and reverse symptoms of vaginal dryness.

  • 9. Lower risk of stroke and thrombosis

    A study ran by the Woman’s Health Initiative (WHI) recruited over ten thousand postmenopausal women who had a prior hysterectomy to determine the effectivity of HRT therapy using oestrogen. Unlike other studies, this was one that stretched several years, reporting that nearly 25% of women had an increased chance of stroke and thrombosis.

  • 10. Fast Results

    HRT therapy takes at least two weeks until any evidential results. However, with laser therapy results can occur from the first session and after three; women report a significant difference in the histology of the vagina.

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