It’s been a long road, roughly nine months, but at the end of it you get an adorable baby, right? That’s one pro of pregnancy, but what about the toll it takes on your body and your breasts? From the 16th week, breasts begin to produce milk and grow in size with colour changes that are noticeable in the nipples and around the areola. We should learn to love our bodies, but it can be hard when you’ve got more stretchmarks and are unhappy with the natural shape of your breasts.   

Breast Enlargement

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About Why Do People Choose Breast Augmentation after Childbirth?

  • Choosing a Breast Uplift

    A Breast uplift is a desirable choice for people who already have breast implants and want to improve the sagging of the breasts. For most women, during pregnancy, the ligaments made from elastin fail to support the breasts adequately. Not to mention that, as we age over time, gravity directly affects the ligaments along with natural fluctuations in weight.


    After breastfeeding or several pregnancies, your breasts can begin to drop and appear deflated as they lose elastin within the skin. There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror and feeling less like a woman. This is why some women might consider a breast uplift procedure after childbirth.

  • Opting for Breast Augmentation

    Alternatively, you can consider breast enlargement after childbirth, to get the size you crave. It’s normal to have deflated breasts and smaller sized ones after pregnancy. Next, it’s common for women to consider the effects of types of breast scarring, from least to most apparent. The most obvious incisions include the anchor and lollipop technique; where a vertical incision is made under the breast and around the areola. Comparatively, both the doughnut and crescent techniques are discrete incisions made only around the areola. Surgeons tend to choose the incision based on the individual shape and size of the breasts.


    However, with modern advances in medicine, scarring is not so problematic since we can enhance your natural shape with breast implants and balance both breasts. For example, it’s relatively common for new-born children to get breastfed with one breast more than the other type. With breast augmentation, women tend to feel more feminine and happier with their breasts being in proportion to their body-frame.


    Juvea Aesthetics are highly experienced in managing patient expectations and deciding on the best treatment plan. We offer a free consultation whereby we can offer you advice and show you before and after photos of previous patients. So, why not book your consultation with us today: email [email protected] or call 0207 2914554.


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