Loose and sagging skin is a condition that affects many people and most will admit to not being happy about it. It can make a person look older than they are and when it affects the facial area, there’s little one can do to disguise it.


There are three significant factors that cause a loose-skin condition:

  1. The natural ageing process including genetics will be to blame for the way a person appears to be ageing or prematurely ageing.
  2. Environmental factors can play a large part in damaging skin to the point of permanent loosening. These include:
  • Excessive sun tanning.
  • Playing sport or working in extreme weather conditions over a long period of time.
  • Exposure to high levels of pollution or toxins.
  1. Weight loss. For many, rapid and/or vast weight loss will have a visible impact on a person’s face and body.  It could take many years for all skin and flesh cells to be replaced through the natural replenishing process.  Post-pregnancy is a typical example of this rapid change in size which can results in excess skin.

Impact on life

While wrinkles are an “age give-away” close up, loose sagging skin is more noticeable from a distance.  The condition cannot be fixed by clever make up nor can it be reversed through creams and conditioners – no matter what the advertisers claim.   People who suffer prematurely from this skin condition understandably feel upset about it and would like to consider options to restore their former, firmer skin tone.

For whatever reason a person has developed sagging skin, it is something that has to be either accepted and lived with, or tackled by exploring more innovative treatments that are now available today.

For the face

There are some skin rejuvenation treatments for the face that are non-surgical, highly successful and affordable.  The Cynosure RevLite™ and ICON™ lasers at Juvea offer a truly uplifting procedure giving dramatic results after just one application.

How it works:

The laser technology works by heating the body’s own collagen under the skin’s surface.  Collagen is the vital substance for plump healthy and youthful looking skin.  There is virtually no risk of adverse reaction or infection and no downtime. The stimulating and skin-tightening action continues over a period of a few months and most people benefit from having two to three treatments about one month apart.

For the body

Those with loose skin as a result of vast and rapid weight loss can benefit from the type of liposuction that also works on sagging skin.  It is also highly effective in the correction of a sagging or “double chin”.   Originally designed as fat reduction method, Cynosure’s SculpSure® is a laser treatment categorised as non-invasive lipolysis – and known as skin contouring

How it works:

This technology targets the fat cells and heats them to the right temperature.  The heating is sufficient to aggravate the cells until they are destroyed.  The body’s own lymphatic drainage system will take care of eliminating the dead cells by flushing out the waste product over a period of a few months. Because this is a heat treatment, Cynosure® technology complements the procedure with the Contact Cooling™ system which reduces discomfort, inflammation and restores any skin trauma.

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