New Treatment – SculpSure Submental. Get rid of your double chin in 25mins!

Juvea Aesthetics are pleased to announce we are now offering the innovative FDA approved SculpSure Submental treatment.

What is SculpSure Submental?

Quick, painless fat reduction for the double chin.

SculpSure has been a leading fat reduction treatment for the past few years and now the laser liposuction treatment has gained FDA approval for treatment of the submental or double chin area.

SculpSure Submental achieved a 100% patient satisfaction rate at clinical trials.

Having an unwanted double chin is a common problem. It can appear as a fat neck or as drooping skin with some fatty tissue beneath.  There are many possible causes for the appearance of a double chin, sometimes the condition can develop with age, or for some it is a hereditary condition apparent since childhood.

Up until now it has been extremely difficult to get rid of a double chin as diet and exercise cannot always shift stubborn fat. Because the area cannot be disguised with clothes or make-up, this condition can badly affect a person’s self-confidence.

Fortunately there is now a simple, pain free and highly effective treatment to dramatically improve the appearance of, or even get rid of a double chin.

How does it work?

Using the latest in laser technology, the SculpSure® system targets the delicate area under the chin, throat and neck. The device heats the fat cells without affecting the skin’s delicate surface. The temperature is raised sufficiently to aggravate and destroy the cells.  The Contact Cooling™ system is deployed to keep the skin cool, safe and comfortable. The damaged fat cells are then removed naturally by the body’s own lymphatic drainage system and because the cells are destroyed, the fat cannot return to the treated area.

The whole treatment takes just 25 minutes, requires no downtime and is virtually pain free.

Why get SculpSure Submental at Juvea?

Juvea Aesthetics were the first clinic in the country to perform the SculpSure Submental treatment and one of the first to perform SculpSure so you can be sure our experience cannot be challenged.

To date, Juvea are one of the only two clinics offering SculpSure Submental and are the only clinic in London able to offer the procedure.

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