Dermal Fillers – Marionette Lines

Dermal Fillers London – Marionette Lines

Does your facial expression make you appear sad or angry even when you’re not? It may be that due to the natural signs of ageing, the lines from the corners of your mouth have begun to extend down towards the chin and jaw line. The muscles in this area weaken as we get older and skin tissue loses its plumpness, causing any volume to move from the mid-face downwards. These lines are referred to as ‘Marionette Lines’, named after the classic marionette puppets as they look like the mouthpieces of a ventriloquist’s doll, and unfortunately are likely to become all the more prominent over the course of time if they are left untreated.

A person’s gaze will naturally be drawn to this lower part of your face corners of your mouth as you talk or communicate to them, so it’s no suprise that emphasised marionette lines can make you feel very self-conscious. The good news is that you can get that self-confidence back by treating these lines effectively with the use of dermal fillers!

Our highly trained practitioners will inject the dermal filler (chosen to best suit your needs at an initial consultation) into the problem areas to essentially ‘fill’ them so they are smooth, and greatly reduce the severe appearance of the marionette lines. The whole procedure only takes a very short amount of time and can be relatively pain-free as a topical anaesthetic cream can be applied to the area beforehand. There is minimal recovery time needed for dermal fillers to the marionette lines although you may have minimal bruising and swelling. Your expert Juvea Aesthetics practitioner will discuss any other side-effects with you, such as the slight risk of infection (as with any injection) and ways to best avoid them.

The dermal fillers can last anywhere between 6 and 9 months (sometimes even 12 months!) and because at Juvea Aesthetics London we only use Hyluaronic Acid- based fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Teosyal- they are naturally absorbed back into the body over time. These natural, safe yet highly effective fillers also mean that no allergy testing is needed beforehand.

Isn’t it about time to lift those sad corners of your mouth let your expression reflect your true nature?

Dermal Fillers
Prices Starting From
Lip Enhancement
Nasolabial Folds
£400 to £650
Marionette Line
£400 to £650
Cheek Augmentation
£500 to £750
Chin Augmentation
£400 to £650
Nose Augmentation
£400 to £650

As we use Hyluaronic Acid-based fillers, the results are long-lasting but temporary and can last anywhere between 6 months to a year depending on the individual. After this period, to keep the look that you are so pleased with, repeat injections or top-ups may be required to maintain the shape and volume.

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