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All you need to know about excessive sweating and how to stop it…

We’ve all been there, waiting for the train home in June about to board the 30+ degree carriage praying to get a seat, not only because you’re exhausted from rushing around all day at work but also so you don’t have to hold onto the overhead bar and display your sweat patches to the world.

Unfortunately for some people, excessive sweating is a very regular occurrence especially during the hottest June in 41 years!

There could be a number of different causes for unwanted body sweating but there are definitely a number of solutions. So read on and you may be able to banish those summer sweats for good.



Although Dr’s don’t know exactly why excessive sweating starts, they have successfully linked it to over-activity in the sympathetic nervous system. Specifically to the Thoracic Sympathetic Ganglion Chain.

This chain runs along the vertebra of the spine inside the chest cavity and controls the glands responsible for perspiration throughout the entire body. Depending on which part of the chain becomes overactive, different parts of the body become affected.

The Solutions…

First up, avoid consuming spicy foods, fatty foods, and caffeine as these have been identified as common triggers for excessive sweating. Also make sure to wear loose-fitting clothes. Natural fabrics such cotton let air circulate around your skin, which slows the build-up of moisture.

Purchase a good Antiperspirant deodorant. Not exactly a groundbreaking suggestion but if you’ve never done any research into the different types of deodorant, look into the top-rated antiperspirants containing Aluminium Chloride, as this can treat excessive sweating. It may also be worth purchasing some antiperspirant wipes from any pharmacist and taking your deodorant with you to wipe and freshen up throughout the day.

There are also plenty of products on the market which offer extra protection such as absorbent foot and armpit pads.

If none of the options above are enough and excessive sweating is getting in the way of daily activities and self-confidence, BOTOX could be a suitable treatment for you.

BOTOX injections can be used to treat excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis treatment, and has been approved by the FDA to treat the symptoms of sweating when topical medicines are not working effectively.

Many parts of the body experience overactive sweat glands but the most common are underarms, palms, feet, forehead and upper lip.

Juvea Aesthetics provide effective Botulinum (BOTOX) injections which can help to reduce excessive sweating here at our Harley Street clinic. All treatments are carried out by an experienced practitioner.

How does it work you ask?

BOTOX is injected into the affected or chosen areas and temporarily blocks chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. If the sweat glands don’t receive the chemical signals, the sweating stops.
Which areas can be treated?

Most small areas that are prone to sweating including:
– Armpits
– Feet
– Hands
– Face

 How long does it take and how long does it last?

It takes about 20 to 25 minutes so it’s a perfect lunch break procedure. Generally, you’ll start to notice the results within 1-2 weeks and the effects last 6-7 months. We recommend having the treatment every 6 months to achieve the best results

Where does the sweat go?

Nowhere! It’s simply not produced. All untreated areas of your body continue to produce sweat as they normally would.

What if I want to stop?

Then stop! Eventually (6-12 months) your body will return to its normal state and level of sweat.

If you’ve had enough of the dreaded summer sweats then please give us a call on 0207 291 4554 for more information or to enquire about an appointment.

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