How Botox can enhance your neckline

The injection of botulinum toxin can create a more youthful appearance of the neckline through modification of the chin, neck, and chest.

As we age the chin adopts an appearance that may be described as ‘dimpled’, ‘cellulitic’, or medically as ‘peau d’orange’ (‘orange peel skin’). This is caused by a combination of loss of superficial structures that support the skin, such as fat and collagen, and contraction of the mentalis muscle. This muscle, present on both sides of the face at the tip of the chin, acts to raise and push up the lower lip, and is sometimes referred to as the ‘pouting muscle’. Enhancement of the chin by partial paralysis of this muscle using Botox is usually by 2 injections with a total dose of 4-10 units. The injections are made as low down on the chin as possible to minimise complications such as mouth asymmetry and drooping of the lower lip.

The platysma is a broad and thin superficial muscle which extends from the lower jaw to the collar bones. It acts to depress the lower jaw and draw down the lower lip and corners of the mouth. However its contraction may also result in horizontal or vertical wrinkle formation on the front of the neck extending onto the upper part of the chest (the décoletté region). These wrinkles are exacerbated by ageing and sun damage. Botox can act to reduce the formation of these by partially paralysing the platysma. Patients with thin skin with good elasticity and minimal excess fat or sagging skin are ideal candidates for this treatment. Patients are usually injected at multiple sites with a total dose of 40-60 units of Botox. Potential side effects include difficulty projecting the voice and neck weakness, but these can be minimised by using sound technique when injecting

Mid-chest wrinkles and those in the décoletté region are formed due to position during sleep, sun damage, and the contraction of the platysma and pectoralis major muscle, which is largely responsible for movement of the shoulder. Botox may be used if the muscles are contributing to the formation of imperfections. Multiple injection sites are utilised, typically with a total dose of 30-100 units.

Discuss with your clinician which areas would be best treated with botulinum toxin to achieve your desired cosmetic outcome.

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