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Non Surgical Liposuction Treatment – In a nutshell

Non Surgical liposuction is a simple, yet high-tech approach to fat removal and body contouring. This innovative method is leading the way for men and women who have been blighted for many years with stubborn fat, ill-proportioned areas of the body or unsightly skinscape such as cellulite.
The main attributes to this treatment are:

  • A safe and reliable solution to unwanted fatty areas resistant to conventional methods of weight-loss
  • Size reduction, typically a flatter tummy or slimmer legs
  • “Tighter” skin and smoother body contours
  • A virtually pain-free experience
  • Quick recovery showing great improvements early on
    Long lasting results

Because the SculpSure® non-surgical laser liposuction procedure is non-invassive it means:

  • general anaesthetic is not required, which in turn means no associated risks to your health from this form of pain management
  • It can be achieved in 25 mins.
  • minimal discomfort

As the laser liposuction treatment is non-invasive the risks to your health are practically zero.

You will be able to discuss any concerns you have with our expert consultants at Juvea.

Non surgical liposuction treatment can be carried out in most areas of the body (maximum of 3 areas in one session) including those that are considered difficult to treat with surgical/traditional liposuction. Typical requests are for treating:

The stomach area and its abdominal surrounds are the most commonly requested area for treatment. Young and old, large and small, men and women can spend years dieting and/or exercising.

The “bingo wings” delicate area on the arms is becoming more commonly requested by women. This is due to the area being almost impossible to improve with exercise especially after the age of around 40.

Breasts (women)
Due to hormones and hereditary traits, some women find they can never shift the excess fat from the breast area. Breast reduction techniques have changed over recent years and laser liposuction is being used as an effective method in treating this area. Achieving symmetry is important and therefore equipment such as the SculpSure® device can offer greater accuracy and very good results.

Our “sitting flesh” can be problematic for some surgical procedures due to the resting pressure and deep muscle activity required for this part our anatomy. Because the laser liposuction offers minimal trauma to the flesh, patients can expect to see great results with little discomfort and speedy recovery time.

Hip Flanks (“love handles”)
The area below the waist and above the hips can be highly resistant to all attempts at weight loss. This is often associated to ageing and reduction here is only achieved if drastic, unhealthy weight loss affects the rest of the body. Laser liposuction is ideal for this part of the body. Depending upon the volume and your health history, your Juvea consultant will confirm the suitability of this procedure.

The knees are not typically known for being a big fat storing area, however, many people do have large knees in relation to their legs and sometimes this is due to small pockets of fat. The accuracy and skill that can be applied through the laser liposuction technique means patients can see a greatly improved shape to their legs. Care is needed to achieve symmetry and your consultant will advise on realistic expectations.

Male chest, Gynecomastia (“man boobs”)
For men, having excess flesh in this area can make them feel less masculine and can badly affect their self-confidence. Similar to women’s breast surgery, the reduction and reshaping for this part of the body through laser liposuction method is perfectly suited. The SculpSure® device delivers accurate and subtle results with minimum trauma to this delicate area of the body.

Neck and Jowls
Another ageing/hereditary problem area. Once neck fat is gained, this area is virtually impossible to shift through activity/exercise and unless the person loses a drastic, unhealthy level of weight all over, they will never see an improvement unless they opt for medical treatment. Depending upon the severity of the condition, including excessive skin, it might be that a combination of methods such as SubMental and Pelleve

Thighs (inner and outer)
For women, the inner thighs can be forever loose or uneven. The fittest athletes can have that little bit of inner wobble, which is seen as undesirable no matter your sex or age. The flesh on the inner thighs is very difficult to tone and easily “relaxes” back to its natural state.
Outer thighs can usually be worked on by exercise and diet but some people experience a stubborn layer of fat that simply will not shift. In both situations, the laser liposuction acts as a highly successful solution to these problem areas.

Surgical Liposuction
Surgical liposuction is the more traditional form of surgically removing unwanted fat from deep layers of skin. Although more surgical skill and medical care is required it is still considered a highly reliable form of liposuction. For those with a more severe problem with excess abdominal fat, surgical liposuction offers the added benefit of combining an abdominoplasty, commonly referred to a “tummy tuck”. This is ideal for people who have lost a large amount of weight and cannot get rid of the excess skin or fat at the outer layers. Scarring is similar to a caesarean section (bikini line) and kept to a minimum but the degree of scarring will depend upon the amount of skin to be removed and the body’s own healing behaviour. Due to the nature of this procedure, a full general anaesthetic is required.

Fat Freezing
This safe but relatively new procedure is non-invasive and works in a unique way. By actually freezing the body’s fat cells to the correct temperature, this technique eliminates fat over a period of a few weeks.

Body Contouring/Sculpting
This procedure to smooth and shape areas of the body uses a combination of ultrasound and radio frequency technologies. At Juvea we use the SculpSure which effectively eliminates stubborn fat, cellulite, wrinkles and sagging skin in one go. With no invasion, body contouring offers excellent results.

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