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Specialists in cosmetic surgery in London

At Juvea Aesthetics, we pride ourselves in delivering safe and effective aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers, chemical peel, anti-wrinkle injections, muscle relaxants, Derma Roller, laser hair removal and laser skin tightening amongst a number of other advanced non-surgical procedures. We also stock a range of cosmeceutical skincare products, developed with the help of top scientists and dermatologists Based in central London's prestigious Harley Street, our medical aesthetic treatments are carried out to the highest standards by qualified cosmetic specialists in a friendly, caring and professional environment. Client-focused and confidential, we aim to help you look and feel your best, and give you a rejuvenated confidence!

As leading specialists providing cosmetic surgery including dermal filler and chemical peels in London, our clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission, a government organisation which regulates health care providers.

Call us on 020 7291 4554 to talk to us about cosmeic treatment such as Botox injections and dermal fillers.

Juvea Aesthetics was created by experts whose vision is to provide

Superior treatment outcomes by training our clinicians to the highest of standards.
• Innovative treatments with predictable results.
• Detailed consultations including computerised skin analysis technology to identify your individual needs and create a personalised treatment plan.
• A friendly, caring and comfortable environment.
• Knowledgeable and informed advisors.
• Competitive prices.
• Appointment times for your convenience.

Call us on 020 7291 4554 to discuss treatments including dermal filler and laser hair removal in London.

We provide a wide range of cosmetic treatments that include

• Wrinkle treatments to improve the appearance or remove fine lines and facial wrinkles.
• Dermal Fillers for facial lines, lip enhancements, scars revisions and facial enhancements.
• Hyperpigmentation treatments using chemical peels and lasers.
• Hand and neck treatments using chemical peels in combination with wrinkle treatments such as hyaluronic acid.
• Ethnic Skin can be treated safely with chemical peels or lasers resulting in safe and predictable results for hyperpigmentation and other issues relating to ethnic   skin types.
• Excessive Sweating (or 'Hyperhidrosis') treatment using muscle relaxants to significantly reduce excessive sweating on hands and underarms.
• Laser Hair Removal for all skin types using the most innovative laser hair removal system.
• Acne treatments using a range of chemical peels that are safe and effective for all skin types.
• Medical grade skin care treatments including the most powerful anti-oxidant and exfoliating product lines.
• Facial contouring treatments also known as the Non-Surgical Face Lift provide excellent results for restoring lost volume in the lower face, enhancing cheek   bones and sculpting the jawline.

Call us to discuss the available treatments including laser hair removal and dermal fillers in London on 020 7291 4554.


Laser Hair Removal

Whether you’re in London or Land’s End, it’s inevitable you’ll have some unwanted body hair.

If you’re sick of constantly shaving your legs, bleaching your upper lip or, for men, waxing your chest or back, it’s time you discovered the benefits of laser hair removal.

With traditional hair removal techniques are often slow, painful and pricey, our lasers release relatively painless pulses of energy designed to absorb into the hair follicle to prevent future growth.

Pleasingly, this technique can be used to remove hair from various parts of the body – face, arms, legs, bikini line – and on all types of skin.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Not only will your skin be silky smooth and free from hair after laser treatment, you’ll never need to worry about cutting yourself with a razor or dealing with unsightly ingrown hairs.

Put simply, for men and women, it’s a real confidence boost knowing that you don’t have to fret about rogue hairs putting a dampener on holidays, weddings or other special occasions.

In addition to saving you time, it’ll also save you money, with the cash typically spent on razors, depilatory cream or waxing tucked away firmly in your pocket.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Using the Elite MPX laser, one of the most sophisticated lasers of its kind, we can safely and effectually perform laser hair removal for men and woman, regardless of your skin type.

While it’s extremely safe and popular, it’s important that any existing skin conditions are fully treated – and if you have a suntan, that should be left to fade before proceeding.

During the treatment, you may experience slight discomfort – some patients liken it to the snap of a rubber band against skin – but our integrated cooling system helps diminish any tenderness.

Once it’s over, it’s normal to see some slight redness or localised swelling, but this will subside within 24 hours of the hair removal session.

How Long Will It Take?

First, during your free consultation with a specialist laser hair removal practitioner, your hair and skin type will be assessed in order to recommend the appropriate course of laser hair removal.

This will also give you an indication of how many treatments you’ll require for optimal results.

Typically, our patients will see excellent results after 4-6 sessions, with these sessions spaced out over a period of around 4-6 weeks.

If you’d like to speak to a member of the team here at Juvea Aesthetics about laser hair removal in London, please get in touch – we’d love to discuss your requirements further.

Laser Tattoo Removal

When Albert Einstein uttered, “anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” it’s unlikely he was referring to tattoos.

It’s part of human nature that we all do things we live to lament – but getting your ex-partner’s name inked on your skin, for instance, has to be up there with the most regrettable.

However, thanks to laser tattoo removal, you can have that unsavoury reminder of your past removed quickly and with minimal discomfort.  

Why Laser Tattoo Removal?

Although laser tattoo removal can’t erase memories, it’s ideal for eradicating unwanted ink.

Here at Juvea Aesthetics, we use RevLite technology, the pinnacle of tattoo removal and one of the most advanced lasers of its kind.

During  your individually tailored treatment, light energy causes the ink in your tattoo to break down, before being removed by your body’s natural filtering system.

Best of all? Each treatment is fast and you’ll experience only slight discomfort.

What Is RevLite Technology?

RevLite technology offers a solution for the removal of a broad spectrum of tattoos and it’s safe for all types of skin.

It’s 60% more effective than other tattoo removal lasers, which means you can rest assured, safe in the knowledge that you’re in expert hands when it comes to removing erroneous ink. 

How Long Will It Take?

While the length of time each treatment takes will depend upon the size of the tattoo, each session typically lasts for around 10-30 minutes.

During the treatment, you may experience slight discomfort, but we can use a cooling device if your skin is particularly sensitive.

If you’d like to learn more about laser tattoo removal in London and the surrounding areas, please get in touch with us – we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Skin Clinic in London

Based in central London, our skin clinic offers you a variety of safe and effective aesthetic treatments, regardless of your skin type, ethnicity, gender or age.

From acne management, age management and sun damage concerns, to rosacea, dry skin and oily skin problems, we’re here to help you achieve the skin you deserve.

At Juvea Aesthetics, the expert guidance of our plastic surgeons allows us to offer you a broad range of treatments based on the latest advances in technologies.

Skin Treatments

Whether you want to improve the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles or benefit from a chemical peel for acne treatment, you can trust us to guide you through whole process.  

Additionally, we also offer free skin consultation and advanced skin imaging, medical grade facials, medical grade microdermabrasion and derma roller for women.

We believe that you deserve the highest level of care, empathy, understanding and professionalism, which is why aim to consistently deliver a first class skin treatment service.

Why Juvea?

We understand that the decision to undertake an aesthetic treatment can be overwhelming, which is why we’re on hand to offer advice and support throughout your journey with us.

In addition, we provide a free, no obligation consultation before you undergo any treatment, which will allow you to make an informed decision about the right procedure for you.

We’re also registered with the Care Quality Commission, a government organisation which regulates healthcare providers.

What’s more, our skin clinic’s opening hours are designed to mesh with the working lives of busy London professionals, with early morning and late evening appointments available.

If you’d like more information about the skin treatments we provide in London, please get in touch with a member of the team today – we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

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