Get those Sexy Abs with Juvea

Tired of looking in the mirror hating the excess weight around your waistline? You said 2019 would be your year, right? The new year’s resolution was to get in shape, but work, commitments and general life demands just got in the way? Man or woman, it doesn’t matter, many of our clients are unhappy with the excess weight on their abdominals. Why not get yourself that sexy physique with our newly launched Sculpted Abs Package and save yourself £500 in the process!

Our SculpSureTM technology (https://promo.juveaaesthetics.com/non-surgical/body/laser-liposuction/) is non-surgical liposuction using a non-invasive approach to target excess fat around the tummy without any need for surgery. We have seen phenomenal results with several sessions of SculpSureTM, which conveniently fits around your schedule. We are offering 12 applicators (6 per series) for a whopping price of £2500 saving you nearly £500! Our Sculpted Abs Package ensures you get the right amount of sessions to sculpt your body to perfection while saving you money!

So give Juvea a call today (0207 291 4554) or book an appointment online (https://promo.juveaaesthetics.com/non-surgical/body/laser-liposuction/) and ask for the exclusive Sculpted Abs Package!

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