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Category: Laser Scar Removal

  • 24.08.21

    It’s Time to Talk About… Scarring

    Whether caused by surgery or trauma, scarring is something that affects over 20 million people in the UK. Although a lot of people aren’t affected by their scars, they can be a source of distress for just as many others. Almost a…

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  • 21.05.21

    Post-Baby Pampering with Juvea Aesthetics

      Having a baby at any time is a joyful yet stressful experience. Throwing lockdown into the mix can only have ramped things up. As the world begins to reopen and baby yoga and sensory play classes beckon; remember to take some…

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  • 01.06.17

    Cosmetic Treatments Popular with Men

    Cosmetic Treatments for Men We are seeing many industries bridging the gender gap, and the cosmetic industry is certainly one, as we see men going to greater lengths to improve their appearance.  Once considered to be the domain of women, cosmetic treatments…

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