You Deserve to be Beautiful on Your Wedding Day!

The wedding bells are ringing, in a few months, you will be married to the one you love. It’s been a long time, but you’ve grown negligible in taking care of your physique- haven’t you? Did you know people gain around 17Ibs when in just the first year of a relationship?  Statistically speaking, it happens to us all – men or women. But that doesn’t have to be the case for your big day, so why not grab yourself our Wedding Ready Package all the while saving yourself £500 – better spent on a fabulous wedding day!

Our SculpSure technology is non-surgical liposuction able to remove stubborn fat for harder areas: tummy, bum, abs, inner thighs and arms. Our Wedding Ready Package includes 20 applicators (10 per series) at £4500 – saving yourself £500. Expertly designed for men or women, after several sessions, you will notice tighter skin, flatter tummy or slimmer legs. Recovery is quick and non-invasive with the additional advantages of fitting around your busy schedule.

So give Juvea a call today (0207 291 4554) or book an appointment asking for the exclusive Wedding Ready Package!

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