Save £400 with our Bikini Body Package

Love handles and heavy inner thighs are a downer when all you want is a sexy slim body. At Juvea, why not grab our exclusive Bikini Body Package and save yourself £400! SculpSure is non-surgical liposuction expertly designed to remove unwanted fat deposits, making it ideal for those pesky love handles and inner thighs.

You get 16 applicators (8 per series) as a part of our Bikini Body Package to target unwanted fat – this ensures reshaping of your body to perfection. We have seen phenomenal popularity with SculpSureTM with amazing results after several applications. Our exclusive Bikini Body Package ensures 16 applicators with 8 per series only costing you £3600, unlike one session which costing £500! So give Juvea a call today (0207 291 4554) or book an appointment and ask for the exclusive Body Bikini Package!

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