Laser Hair Removal Head to Toe Package

Be hair free this summer and begin laser hair removal now! Only £1000 for :

  • 6 courses of upper lip, glabella or chin
  • 6 courses of underarms
  • 6 courses of lower legs
  • 1 Free TOP UP SESSION(NB: One area only!)

Save £1040!
Usual price £2040

Laser Hair Removal at Juvea Aesthetics

Women and men have been living with unwanted hair for centuries. There have been many weird, wonderful and mostly painful temporary hair removal methods on the market over the years but only in the last decade has technology blessed us with a permanent solution: Laser hair removal.

At Juvea Aesthetics we use the Cynosure Elite MPX, the most advanced laser on the market which is truly the gold standard for hair removal. The Elite MPX boasts painless hair removal with long lasting results.

Virtually any area and skin type can be treated, our professional clinicians can customise the advanced device to suit most cases. Usually 4-6 sessions will see great results and these are carried out at regular intervals of around 4-6 weeks.

What are the benefits of having laser treatment?

The benefits to laser hair removal with the Cynosure Elite MPX are numerous:

  • Hairless skin that has a particularly smooth surface due to no re-growth or stubble forming
  • Save money over time
  • Long lasting to permanent results – and that means:
  • No in-growing hairs
  • No need for shaving with its risk of cuts and infection
  • No need for traumatic waxing and the soreness afterwards
  • No need for nasty chemicals from hair removal creams
  • No last minute panics before big events or holidays
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