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Botox Prices

Depending on the area or areas being treated, we offer treatment from as little as £250.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • + What can I expect from the treatment?

    Like many who have self-esteem issues with regards to the wrinkles around their face, Botox treatments are highly effective in smoothening the lines on the chin, restoring your confidence. We tend to see the best results in people after a few days of Botox injections.

  • + Does the Botox treatment require any pain relief?

    As you are probably aware, many patients have different pain thresholds, so if the Botox injections are unbearable, we can provide numbing cream to help you with the discomfort.

  • + How long does the treatment take?

    We can slot Botox treatments around your busy schedule, most treatment sessions take roughly thirty minutes.

  • + Are there any risks with Botox treatments?

    Unlike surgical procedures which have significant risks, Botox injections tend to have fewer risks with people only experiencing minimal discomfort from the injection. In some cases patients may also experience mild bruising at the injection site; however, this will heal after a few days.

  • + How long do Botox injections last?

    Botox injections will last several months, roughly six months, depending on the individual who is getting the Botox treatment.

  • + Will I need more than one Botox treatment?

    As Botox tends to wear off within a few months, the muscles will return to the normal state, but this may cause further wrinkles to develop over time. Botox will not worsen your fine lines or deep-set wrinkles as it is designed to smoothen the skin by relaxing the muscles and is generally more effective by targeting key areas.

  • + Is Botox safe?

    Botox is an FDA-approved drug which only highly qualified physicians can prescribe and thus must be adequately trained in injecting it into patients. Unlike surgical procedures, it’s considerably less invasive and does not require any general anaesthesia or an overnight stay in a hospital.

  • + What results can I expect for using Botox to treat Marionette Lines?

    As you can see from the photographs above, there is a significant difference before and after treatment with Botox. For example, before treatment there many fine lines and wrinkles on the chin; and in the corner of the mouth. Afterwards, the Botox treatment there are significantly less fine wrinkles on the mouth, and the appearance is altered as the person appears more youthful.

  • + Why is Juvea Aesthetics a good clinic for Botox treatments?

    We are a highly experienced group of cosmetic professionals, located within the heart of London, and many patients are drawn to us because of our expert reputation. We continually seek to advance our skills within aesthetics by tailoring our treatments specifically for the individual. Not to mention our experience in using Botox and Dermal Fillers to treat various issues such as Crow’s Feet, hyperhidrosis, Forehead Lines and Bunny Lines.

  • + How does Botox work?

    Botox is a protein derived from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum and aims to prevent the release of a naturally occurring chemical called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine plays a crucial role in the contraction of muscles and thus preventing its release reduces the contraction of those muscles often present in individuals with wrinkles or dimples in their chin. As an FDA approved prescription drug, only a medically qualified physician can prescribe Botox with even tighter regulations around who can inject it. Hence, at Juvea, we only use highly experienced practitioners to treat our patients.

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A gym friend recommended Juvea when I told her I was interested in getting one of my tattoos removed.

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I was invited to be a hair laser model from a close friend who recommended Juvea.

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I would highly recommend Juvea

I have been really please with my treatment. Staff are very friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend Juvea to anyone who is interested in having Laser Hair removal!!

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Couldn't be more pleased with the service given...they was kind, professional and above all good at what they do, I definitely will be recommending.

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Best treatments in London

Best treatments in London :) such a great place to have all the procedures offered done. Staff is very friendly and carrying, really nice to come back anytime.

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