Home for the Holidays – Planning Your Staycation with Juvea Aesthetics

So it hasn’t been the best news over the last couple of weeks, has it? We were all hoping for a summer of overseas travel to white sand beaches, but it’s looking less and less likely. Still, it’s all for the best. At Juvea Aesthetics, we’re going to spend the next few months exploring our own backyard, and we’ve come up with five hints and tips to help inspire your own staycation!

1. Planning and Preparation

When we head abroad, the first thing we do is plan and prepare. We research our destination, make reservations for activities and restaurants, check to make sure we’ve packed everything we might need, and do a last sweep of the house to make sure it’s perfect to return to after a relaxing time away. A staycation needn’t be any different!

Take time to make sure the house is prepped and ready for your staycation, with no annoying left-over chores that will distract you from rest and relaxation. Research your area for activities you might like to take part in or restaurants you’d like to try, and make some bookings. Make sure you’ve bought in everything you need to make your staycation amazing, whether it’s fancy food and drink, pampering supplies, or even arts and craft materials. The aim is to create the same sense of excitement you get when you plan an overseas break.

2. Take Time to Relax

We’d rarely plan an overseas getaway for two days, so it doesn’t make sense to restrict your staycation to a weekend. Trying to fit all your plans into the two days between work will at best make things feel rushed, and at worst make you feel as though you’ve had no time off at all.

Why not take some annual leave from work? A week or two off will give you plenty of time to rest, relax, and come back to the real world refreshed; but even a long weekend will let you get into the holiday spirit!

3. Bring the Holiday to Your Home

We all behave quite differently on holiday than we do at home; from staying up late and having luxurious lie-ins, to never watching the television and reading books instead. Try to bring these behaviours to your staycation!

Of course, you can’t bring the whole holiday experience to your home (unless you’re very lucky, you won’t have a housekeeper coming in to tidy up after you!), but adding some elements from an overseas getaway will help make your staycation much more enjoyable.

4. Unplug from Technology

During a staycation, it can be far too easy to slip back into your regular routine; from scrolling through social media feeds to checking work emails and group chats.

Unplugging from technology can be the best way to prevent the real world from creeping into your holiday. Hide your laptop from view, switch off social media notifications, and spend your staycation living in the moment.

5. Play Tourist

We know our favourite restaurants. We know our usual routes to and from work. We know which local stores stock our favourite snacks, and where we can get the best coffee. But how often do we look at our home cities from the perspective of a tourist?

During your staycation, take the time to visit the attractions that bring people to your city. If you’re in London, hop on the London Eye or go and see the Crown Jewels. If you’re in Edinburgh, visit the castle or go on a tour of the dungeons. Don’t disregard activities because they seem ‘too touristy’, and instead have fun taking photos and buying souvenirs!

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