Holiday Skincare 2017

We all love a holiday and we spend lots of time saving and planning for it. But how much consideration to do we give to our skin?  It’s really important to think ahead and give ourselves plenty of time to prepare our skin for whatever the elements throw at us!

Get reacquainted:  You know your skin best – well you should it’s been with you a long time – and you want it to serve you well for a lot longer too!  But remember skin changes as we age so it might be good to have a review of your skin type.

If you have recently had (or planning) any cosmetic procedures for your skin such as laser treatment, you will need to take extra care as your skin will be more vulnerable to sunshine, wind, or even humid conditions.  Seek advice from your practitioner in advance of your holiday.

Think before you shop!  Don’t be tempted to use last year’s sun protection products. Always buy well-known brands and try out any brand new product before you set off.  Think body products separately to facial products especially if you have problem skin. But more than the usual sun products, what else might you be exposed to?  What about those nasty little insects that can cause so much misery? And they can leave lasting damage so add an antihistamine cream to your list.

Time to do a skin work-out: There are some great things you can do to get your skin into tip-top condition before you travel.

  • A detox or “skin-flush” plan – drink more water, less alcohol, and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • All over exfoliation treatments – being careful not to overdo it!
  • Moisturise well
  • Hair removal is a must for most of us. But whichever method you prefer – make sure it won’t clash too soon with sun exposure.

While away…..

Moisture, moisture, moisture – inside and out!  Unless you are going to a cold climate, you are likely to sweat a lot more.  And the sun will simply evaporate fluid from your skin’s surface. This fluid needs replacing.  And of course you will want a few of your favourite drinks – you are on holiday after all!  But try not to over-do it – drink one glass of water for every alcoholic one.

And your skin’s favourite tipple?  Use your regular body lotion or an extra rich version.  No need expensive “after-sun” products and now is not the time to try something different.  Your skin will not appreciate a change of ingredients or one highly perfumed.  Glossy, body shimmers can block your pores and cause breakouts.

If you have greasy or spot-prone skin you might be tempted to extend sun exposure or avoid sun protection – never do this!  It is well known that UVA/B can help with acne but that’s under controlled conditions.  Try using the less greasy formulas, and minimize bacteria build up on sunglasses and hats by using anti-bacterial wipes.

Holiday blues – don’t have to be so bad:  If you have looked after your skin before and during your holiday, you should return home feeling and looking fabulous.  And if you keep moisturising, with a little gentle exfoliation now and then, you will extend that envious holiday look for weeks to come.

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