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  • 24.08.21

    It’s Time to Talk About… Scarring

    Whether caused by surgery or trauma, scarring is something that affects over 20 million people in the UK. Although a lot of people aren’t affected by their scars, they can be a source of distress for just as many others. Almost a…

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  • 23.08.21

    Juvea Asks: Do Collagen Supplements Work?

    Responsible for joint health and skin elasticity, collagen makes up not only three quarters of your skin, but a third of the protein in your entire body. As you get older, your existing collagen breaks down and it becomes harder for your…

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  • 29.06.21

    It’s Time to Talk About… Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

      Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common female hormonal disorder, affecting around 4-18% of reproductive-age women and AFAB individuals worldwide. Despite this, PCOS remains an underdiagnosed condition, with many women seeing three or more doctors over more than two years…

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  • 23.06.21

    Our Top Ten Tips for Staying Hydrated!

    Even though proper hydration helps our bodies to maintain temperature, remove waste, moisturise our skin, lubricate our joints and even maintain proper brain function; studies have shown that over 60% of Brits don’t drink the recommended daily amount of 2 to 2.5…

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  • 07.06.21

    Our Top 5 Tips for Managing Adult Acne

    After teen years filled with spots ranging from irritating little lumps and bumps to full-blown angry red volcanos; our mid-twenties can often be accompanied by a huge sigh of relief. The days of Clearasil and witch-hazel are finally behind us… right? Well,…

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  • 19.05.21

    Say Yes to the Dress with Juvea Aesthetics

    After the excitement of the engagement dies down, it’s time to turn to wedding planning. For many brides-to-be; table settings, menu choices, cake tastings, and decorations all take a back seat to one of the most important choices of all - the…

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