Highlights from our SculpSure Launch Event

Earlier this week, Juvea Aesthetics held an exclusive launch for our new FDA approved treatment, SculpSure. The evening was a busy one with a champagne drinks reception, canapes and express HydraFacials at private member’s bar Home House in Mayfair.

The evening kicked off with a pre-intro by medical director Faz Zavahir, followed by main presentation with Holly from SculpSure Headquarters. Guests were given a live demonstration and Q&A session along with special packages offered on the night.

Guests included Liz McClarnon, Gina Rio and Laura Vevere making an appearance as well as beauty journalists and influencers.

We would like to extend a massive thank you to SculpSure for your support throughout the event, Gold Collagen, Elizabeth Arden, Goldwell and Nair for putting treats into our goody bags and of course to everyone that attended.

To round it up, here’s three things we learnt from Juvea Aesthetics Launch event:

1. SculpSure is not painful!

Our model Courtney had a lower abdomen SculpSure treatment in front of fifty people and didn’t even bat an eyelid, she even went on to have a second treatment on her upper abdomen.

2. SculpSure gives great results.

It takes 6-12 weeks to start noticing results from SculpSure so unfortunately we were unable to see Courtney’s results on the night. However after Holly from SculpSure HQ’s presentation, she showed us a number of before and after photos from their clinical trials. SculpSure’s clinical trials were completely controlled, patients were not allowed any diet or exercise changes and the results are phenomenal, some even after just one treatment. Alongside our own successful SculpSure patients there is no denying the fantastic results SculpSure can offer.

3. SculpSure cannot prevent you from putting on weight.

This one is important and was a question asked by one of our guests.

SculpSure is permanent BUT if an unhealthy lifestyle (e.g bad diet and lack of exercise) prior to the treatment is causing you to gain weight, you will gain weight post-treatment too. SculpSure can help you eliminate that fat build up caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, it cannot however prevent future weight gain if you continue to live that same lifestyle.
SculpSure works best for patients that have a BMI of under 30 and live a healthy lifestyle but have problem areas of fat which can’t be eliminated by diet and exercise alone.

Honestly, we knew these already which is why we introduced it to our portfolio of treatments but we wanted to re-inforce it for those who could not attend.

Here’s some pictures from the event:

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